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Default Re: Just played "Sin Episodes",... What I think... **spoilers**

Originally Posted by Cynosure View Post
Something doesn't sound right. You're still not finished the game, and you're just posting your comments about it right now, so I'm guessing that you just installed the game. You have to install Steam and connect at least once to register the game. When you did this it would have downloaded the updates. If you installed the game recently, which it appears you have, then there is no way that you could not have the updated version.

No it can't. As far as I know, Steam always has to run with every Steam game. You can set it to run in an offline mode, but it still has to be installed and it still has to run.

Do you even you a legit copy of the game? If you don't then nothing you have said is worth anything because you aren't even a paying customer.
No steam is not required to run to play the game (all I have to say is thank god for GameCopyWorld all these years !). I also use Zone Alarm to keep programs from getting access to the internet. And I treat it like Gamespy arcade (another horrid waste of HD space and a known spyware installer). Unless I feel the need to do so, I grant access. I don't trust companies as far as I can throw em! I've had some games/programs try to install spyware or something I didn't authorize to. When searching the internet for answers to the "bug", not once did someone say to patch it through steam. All I heard was people saying to do this in the console or do that. When I came here (to post my comments) and read through the trouble shooting threads, I read that people mentioned to use Steam to fix it. And no I'm not finished, sorry I don't like to rush when I play. I am almost done BTW. I have a wife and two kids, both like to pull me away from the PC as soon as I get on .

Hell I never used it for my copy of HL2 (or Episode One). It wasn't till waay after I beat HL2, did people talk on the net that Steam had released that Hidden Coast map. Then I loaded Steam to see what all the fuss was about before uninstalling it again.

For all your bitching heres a pic, next to my HL2 box. ...Sheesh!

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