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Default Re: Just played "Sin Episodes",... What I think... **spoilers**

Originally Posted by djdoe View Post
Wow I thought EF2 blew cuncks, thr first was way better, i want a shooter not a puzzle game, that was a thing they should have avoided, I think it would have been way better if Raven did it.

Sin: Emergence weas awsome, can't wait for ep2
Really!?! I quite enjoyed it. Maybe the graphics blinded my judgement, but I felt I had more fun with it than the first. EF1 was just a bad use of the Q3 engine. I kept getting distracted by the low poly models, low res textures, and odd glitches in the levels (ie. walls disappearing or fighting with each other) to enjoy it. It's a typical game from Raven. Rush rush rush! Luckily they have gotten better and I did hound them on the msg. boards for that game till they were sending me hate emails, lol. They're next game was a lot better (maybe from me pestering them, lol). Power to the people !!

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