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Default Re: Joystick problems

You bet, been playing H/L and mods since early in it's release and H/L 2 since as quick as i could get it. Orig H/L had some bugs at first (probably I had the bugs), but "2" worked great right out of the box. Eventually had some config problems with vehicles in "2" but finally, with the help of guys in forums, was able to solve that prob with an autoexec.cfg file using the joy_advanced series of commands.

What is confusing is that the joystick related lines in the SE config file (that I know of) are almost exactly (very small value diffs) like those in H/L 2.

I'm using a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick (only because my old MS Sidewinder stick wouldn't work with Win XP)

'preciate your interest.

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