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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions

ok so Steam is really pissing me off, i wanna play on my laptop when im at uni, but havent got a wireless internet card, so i cant coz ya gotta log into steam, for Ep 2 get rid of steam, put updates on gamespot or something like that please. as for speech, get blade doing all his schooled ya's and all that and more talk instead of talk to me jessica or similar from JC. the intro of Jessica was well done, congrats on that she fit well into the story and her attitude is awesome and love her lines. bring back the sniper rifel from orginal SIN and more of Elixis' provocative nature is always welcome, if worried about kids or wateva just put on a parental lock type deal. and bring back the fists, they were always a fan favorite. cheers Ritual
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