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Default Re: Joystick problems

Originally Posted by jfmcd View Post
What I mean is that, in H/L 2, if I move the stick toward 2 o'clock the character moves in that direction etc etc. or reverse the stick toward 10 o'clock the character moves that way.
I also use a joystick, (in addition to a mouse). I see what youíre talking about. I use the same joystick.cfg from HL2 for SEE but hadnít noticed that SIN doesn't honor the "joy_advaxisx" setting because I use the X-axis for strafing and turn using the mouse.

It's probably a bug like the reversed X-axis in HL2 vehicles. If you don't want to wait for a possible fix from Ritual, you could use the profiler software for your stick to program keystrokes to the axis. If your stick didn't come with software for this, you can use "Joy2Mouse" from:
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