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Angry PC restart at exact moment game begins

Similar to another recent post, but not quite the same. The game installs and opens fine. But when I go new game the loading bar graph appears, goes full and at the exact moment the game is supposed to start - my machine restarts.

All signs point to a hardware fault and it is NOT overheating. My computer is far above minimum spec and ALL my drivers are up to date, right down to chipset and AGP. My sound card is an onboard Analogue Devices chip so it's a bit crap, but even when I set the quality to Low in the game menu, I still have the problem.

Oddly when I visit the Steam support site, it said that all games on Steam other than HL2 and HL2-Lost Coast do NOT support 64-bit CPU's, which seems a bit absurd considering all half-modern chips are just that. And also it runs fine on my laptop which is an AMD Athlon Mobile 64.

I am running dual-monitors and also dual-processor dual-core Xeons, I don't know if Sin supports that. But HL2 runs fine on my machine and it's the same engine.

Thanks for any help, because it's stumped me!

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