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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions

Steam is Steam. It is a distribution solution that works for 99% of the customers who paid for the game. If your the 1% that used Bit Torrent or Usenet to get the game then too bad. If you bought the game then you knew that it'd require an internet connection, end of story. I have a picture of my Ferrari with Sin photoshopped onto the windscreen too.

I loved the game so far. Been a player of SiN since it's first buggy release (20 minutes to load a level?!?). I don't know what you guys have in store as far as level desgin and characters go but I'd love to see the music take more of a role. It was excellent during the times that I could hear it but this isn't Half Life's bleak world. It's an action game. More of this composers tunes please!
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