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Default Game wont load after Emergence logo

Does anyone else have these issues?? I have an AMD 2400+ 1 Ghz ,GEforce 5200 video card .. I am using XP Pro but I have also tried Win 98.. and I cannot get this game to play. I have the latest video drivers.. and yet when I click on the Emergence game. I see the GEforce Intro. Then the Emergence Intro. And then the screen simply sits on the logo. What am I doing wrong or what else do it need?? Thanks. i also DO have Zone Alarm as well as Norton. but i have turned off Norton. only leaving Zone alarm on and i stil get the logo and it never moves past this. i get no error. it just stops... one other thing.. i installed the game from DVD but had to go to Steam to download the game. it all went fine. but it just does not work.

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