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Default Re: Control Problems

I have the same problem, and can't identify the cause, and don't remember what I have changed in my system when this started
(Win2000->WinXP or new motherboard+videocard).
This happens (all as toddhd described) both in game and in arena mode (worse in arena mode than in game).
At least I can say that HL2 and HL2:EP1 or any other game I've played last 4 months doesn't have this problem.

My configuration:
Windows XP Professional SP2 (all latest sp's)
Mouse MX510 USB
Video GF 7600GT, drivers 91.47, resolution 1152x864
Keyboard - Cherry RS6000 PS/2
DirectX 9.0c (latest)

At first I thought that this is related to game language, because since last update I see bottom game messages as [???? ?????]. Switched to english - messages became OK (in english), but problem still exists.
Next I suspected that I use DualView (2 monitors) - switched to one monitor - all the same.

I doesn't have any additional software running that catches keyboard input. All as usual.

p.s. also tried to turn off "acceleration in games" in mouse settings, enabling mouse Filter in game options, and tuning mouse speed and acceleration - nothing helps.

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