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What you are looking for is "ai_goal_follow". It can be turned on and off.
Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

The biggest problem you are likely to have is when you kick Jessica out of the car. She probably won't know where to go and might stay in the air in her sitting positon
Your absolutely right, the car "ejection seat" command sends her sitting in mid air (being ejected from either driver or passanger seat)

What can I do about this? (I was hoping that sending jessica the "exitvehicle" commmand would fix it, but that doesn't seem to have much use)

Also, I noticed when she is in the passanger seat, her animation gets lost sometimes (it looks for something like ACT_PASSANGER_IDLE and cant find it) Is this an animation I need to add to her character in something like faceposer?

And is there any way to get her to fire while sitting. (If the car approaches grunts, I'd like her to auto lean out the window and fire just like she normally does if tailing the player.

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