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Default Re: Uncut version

Originally Posted by shadeex View Post
After searching for an answer i im sorry to tell that i still don't know how to change the Cut version to Uncut..

also i don't know if its even legal..

But maybe someone else knows..
It's probably too late now; one of the below might have worked before purchasing/downloading the game, but I don't think they would work after that. I'm fairly positive that a German retail CD key would only work if Steam thinks you are located in Germany; there might be similar checks checking where you registered your Steam account. Probably doesn't hurt to try... unless you are afraid of something bad happening to your Steam account, so back up your .gcf files before doing any of this.

a) Change your Steam language to US English. If Steam checks only that, this should get around the problem;

b) Change your Windows Regional Settings to English and Location to United States. If Steam checks your computer's Regional Settings, this should get around the problem;

c) Use a US-located SOCKS proxy. Now I'm not sure Steam supports SOCKS proxies; if not, you may have to use something like SocksCap or some other "socksifier" to get Steam to connect to its servers via SOCKS. If Steam checks IP ranges to determine your location, this should work around the problem.

All of it may not be worth the hassle though... what visual "improvements" do you expect? Gibbing chaingunners? Is that what was cut? Rightly so, if you ask me. In fact, I may try to experiment and see if I can download the German version with my Steam account.

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