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Default A little bug reports, Spoiler alert!!


I founded three possibles issues. This report and some of the files linked have spoilers inside.

1st Wrong statistics:

Statistics for secrets of the map U4 Lab - Infiltration some times are displayed wrong, appearing like there is only one secret where in fact there are two.

Stats file

2nd Some context look items dont work at all in supremacy tower.

I think this bug is related with the context look bug in the know issues, but as it behaves in a different way i´m reporting it just in case.

In this case when i look at any of this items the Jessica´s icon appears but when i press the data com key after the Blade´s voice there is no speech from Jessica. And trying to activate the item again it doesn´t work. There are some screenshot in this file with the items that doesn´t work.

3rd Lock ups in the showdown finale second secret:

I´ve linked two different saved games from two different games that suffer the same problem and a screenshot of the “probably” cause.

After entering in the secret level, to the right there is a place where jetpack druglab grunts spawn, you can hear a jet pack sound, but there are not grunts around. If you look to your right you will see a jetpack wit a weapon but without a grunt (like in this screenshot). If you shoot and kill this “ghost” the game crashes with a windows message.

After the game crashes several are created in the SAVE folder.

Saved Games and screenshot

Thats all, if you need further information please let me know.
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