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Default Re: Sin Episodes in GMOD

heh, another bump.

i have had sin for a while now. and i just got gmod with CS:S last night. i was fooling around with it already, so i know it work right. so i dl'd the file to use sin in Gmod, is says to place the folder here...STEAM/steamapps/gmod9/mods folder
but i do not have a gmod9 folder, or a mods folder, so i placed it here...F:\sin\SteamApps\ighost03\garrysmod\garrysm od\addons
and then gmod crashs when i try to use it, so where am i suppose to put it at? in the addons folder there are three other folders, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, and Defult sent pack. i put the folder right next to them, and that made gmod crash when i tried it.
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