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Originally Posted by MeatPuppet View Post
1) The flow of the level feels good. I could bunny hop around and keep a good pace up.
2)The environment look and feel.
3) Enemy placement feels good.

What I would change:
1) Add player clip to the stairs so it is easier to bunny hop up them. (pet peave of mine.)
2) Frame rate! There is a lot of overdraw in the long hallways. I run a P4 3ghz, 1gig ram, 7800gt card and was seeing 15 fps at 1024x768. I would aim for 35fps with combat going on.
3) Where the glass meets the tile on the floor I would put a metal frame or trim of some kind. It just struck me as odd.
4) The bathroom and closet. If you have dead end rooms, give the player a reason to visit them. I would put in some pick up items (health, ammo, etc..) or maybe put in a health dispenser. Playing the level, once I realised they were dead ends I never went into them again.
5) The Dopefish should make an appearance out in the water. I didn't really look for him so if he is already there forget I said anything.

I dig the map so far. It's fun.
1) I'll do so, will also make the stairs walking less "bumpy" probably.
2)The framerate is something I am constantly working on. I am planning to remove the volumetric lighting since it doesn't really makes sense to be there and I also get a feeling it might look better without it.
3)Will also improve on that, there is also a error on the top most glass stair I can't seem to fix.
4)I mostly added them, just for detail. I'm not sure how I would go about with them. I might add some health dispensers as you mentioned.
5)lol, I would see into that. I am currently editing the map to have fishes on the outside.

@Enthusiastic, I think I know what kind of error you have gotten. It should be fix in the next update. It is a error where there are too many entities. Once I have removed all the volumetric light, that problem should be solved(I think). If you please could tell me more what the error contained, it would help alot.

@Xenogenetic, Could you please tell me what room was a bit dark, so I can see what I can do about it.

@Iggy01, I see what you mean, I am currently looking into ideas on how to improve it.

I'm glad you guys like it.

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