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I have worked on the map alot the last few days, fine tuning some parts etc. I making it ready for the second beta release and hope that the third release will be the final.

As for changes:

*I've darken the skybox, outer water and lighting to appear deeper down in the water and in a result I have also removed all volumetric lighting.

*I had remove even more props, but it's unnoticeable unless you go looking for it between the two beta's

*I have added skylights to the halls and the inner lounge.

*Fixed a few prop bugs

*Fixed a few texture bugs, there is one specific texture bug I just cant seem to fix, It the top most glass stair the texture randomly appears and disappears.

*Reworked some hint brushes and areaportals, also increased the overall fps, but specifically the halls got a major boost.

*Added more npc spawn points

*Added player clip to the stairs

*Tweak some lighting

*Added the dope fish

*Added some fish swimming around including moon fish, sea catfish, black angelfish. I've also added jellyfish floating around in the distance.

What I still want to do is to tweak the ai to respond better to the players presence.

Screen of some of the fish, this screenshot is not the latest of the fish swimming, I have added a lot more swimming in both directions, but this will give you some idea of what you can expect.

My next map has also gone into pre-production and I have already got a solid layout for my next map.

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