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I worked on my map to give it more atmosphere and also to fix the critics I have gotten so far.

I have changed the ceiling texture to something I feel is better suited for the area. It's not yet final, but it pretty near it. If people dislike the new direction, I will change it back to concrete. This is an attempt to make the ceilings appear less dull and boring.

Here's a screenshot to show what I mean. You can also see two fish through the glass.

I have also removed all point_spotlights from the lounges since I figure that those area's are to brightly lit to be able to see the light effect in real life. I then went and delete all the spotlights and spotlight models from the inner lounge and rework them to fit in with my new trimmings I have added. I really like this and hope you do too. There is glass below the spotlights if you didn't notice.

So, I hope you like it.

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