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Default All saves end up in empty files

Hello fellow Sinners.

My configuration is an Windows 2000 emulated installment of Steam with following: Half Life 2, Sin Episodes 1, Half Life + Back Catalog games.
The problem consists in the very simple one of the kind. Every time I create a save game, the file ends up empty.
No other game, neither Half Life 2 which should consist of the same engine and saving features, does this problem occur.
I have non software anti-virus or software firewall, but I am protected by being behind a LAN with hardware firewall and anti-virus. Neither would I have to think of these since these problems are mostly windows related. As well as other kinds of malware and spyware.

Should anyone running on the latest cedega emulator (v. 5.2.9) have these problems?
As well, is it somehow possible to "revert" to an earlier version of Sin Episode 1 to see if the problem occurs there?
Any changes in the game engine that have overwritten the old saving process?

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