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Ritual Entertainment So Just Who Is MumboJumbo?

If you're like most hardcore gamers, you won't really be familiar with MumboJumbo. You might have played one of their games, but probably can't remember the name of it. So thankfully GamaSutra comes to the rescue here with a rather thorough interview with MumboJumbo's secretary general Mark Cottam, covering pretty much everything there is to know about what the company does and how it operates. Here's a slice:
All right. So that's just on the development side, but as far as publishing, you obviously publish as far as retail anyway, and perhaps online also games that were developed outside of MumboJumbo, right?

Mark Cottam: We do. We've branded MumboJumbo as a developer and publisher of "premium casual games." Everything that is either developed internally or being licensed and published into retail falls into the casual game category, and a lot of our content does come form the other developers in the casual games space.
Mark also mentions that MumboJumbo is currently looking to break into the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS markets, which would certainly go along with their multi-platformed reasoning for buying Ritual. And yes, he does roll around in a giant monkey ball, at least in the office. Click here to read the rest.

On a somewhat similar note, we're going to have an interview with the Ritual wonder twins Levelord and Robert Atkins in the next few days, so stay tuned for that.

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