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Okay guys. I wanted to share something extrordinary with you today. My Submerge map is going through its final fases, expect screenshots within two weeks(hopefully). I'm so happy with what I have created. Also, I think alot will be happy with the changes I made(even small stuff, such as node placement) to the map. I still have to decide wether I want to keep the water under the glass or replace it with something else. It is one of the main causes of fps drops, about 8-15 frames, I'm experimenting with different kinds of water. I will probably end up creating my own that aint so expensive.

I really feel I have made a major breakthrough(for me atleast) in the A.I. today. They are truely amazing when you watch them now.

So please guys, if there is anything you want to see, no matter how small, in this map, please tell me.

Multiplayer version coming soon after release(maby both get released at the same time.)
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