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Sin (Blade) SiN Eps Multiplayer Blog Promises Emo Dev Updates

Spitting in the face of the fact that the number of blogs is supposed to be going down this year, Sarkie, who also runs the League of Shadows in his spare time, has put up a weblog for his in-development SiN Episodes multiplayer mod, also known as USEMP. It'll allegedly be filled with screenshots, sample code, feature requests, and the occasional emo rant (followed by obligatory cutting), so keep your eyes on it. We will, too, of course, so expect it to be plugged every now and then.

In directly related news, Sarkie has also just added SiN's ever so delightful death messages to the mod, so that whenever somebody is gibbed, blown up, mowed down, or killed in another gratutious manner oh-so-despised by the mainstream media, the rest of the server is alerted via a potentially humorous line of text. And directly related to that, the Sarkster is looking for suggestions for these very lines of text, so if you've got suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Currently, the mod sports the Magnum, the Scattergun, the assault rifle, the chaingun, as well as a rocket launcher, so keep that in mind when thinking up new death messages. If you need (s)inspiration, check out the latest featured pic.

"Damn, a security crate!"

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