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Default Re: Game crashes about 2mins in...

I tryed lowering the settings but still no luck and if it would of worked I probably wouldn't of played it due to it looking almost like a PS1 game... And I would install XP but I'd have to buy it I just bought this PC like two weeks ago and it came with Vista so I dont have a disc for XP so far Vista has messed me up on F.E.A.R., Half-Life 2, Guild Wars, SWAT 4, and Sin Episodes if it is Vista that is messing me up on Sin Ep. that is. It's weird though Sin 1 witch came with my Sin Ep. works just fine and I can play arena mode on Sin Ep. without a problem just the story that freezes of course the part I want to play -_- hopefully I'm not gonna have to wait for some good drivers who knows how long that will take... Ah well if anyone can still give me any ideas please let me know. *curses vista*
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