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Default Help with running SE1 under Linux/Wine

I don't know if there is anyone else who is
using the Wine emulator to run SE1 under Linux
but I have a couple of small but annoying issues.
Using Wine v. 9.37 and PClinuxOS I can run the
game fine except that the crosshair is the letter
"A". This is not a unique problem, but nothing I do
will correct this. I have verified files, defragged,
reinstalled the game, reinstalled Steam, and even
downloaded another set of fonts that was linked
in this post:
Also, SE1 will resize my desktop from 1280x800
(default desktop resolution) to 1024x768 (game
resolution). Half-Life 2 doesn't behave like this
neither does SE1 if I am running it under WIndows.
Are there any Linux/Wine users who might know any fixes
for these problems?
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