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Default [News Post] Submerge Beta 3 released

For those of you who do not know yet, Submerge beta 3, an SiN Episodes arena map based in an underwater facility, has been released.

A nice history of the map can be found at here

Beta 3 Changes include:
-Improved NPC A.I.
-Added more spawn points
-Changed outside ocean tremendously
-Added background music
-Changed alot of prop_physics_override to prop_static, better performance and works better for gameplay.
-Changed some textures
-Added a secret(still need to add it to the stats)
-Added shimmer textures near glass windows
-Added explosive barrels
-Added ammo pickups
-Changed lighting in some areas
-Added intro and outro
-Added detail to overall map.
-Improved framerates in some areas
-Just simply, alot more spit and polish!


Also, I recently lauched my profile website(Thanks to googlepages :P)

You can find more screenshots there.

Download link

For the editing page of this map you can visit
Selfmade vaporizer

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