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Default SiN: Source

I Have started making a complete SiN Makeover (Inspired by Black Mesa Source), and i am in desperate need of some help.

Its pretty tough doing it all by your self, and therefore i need some staff members, with the skills, the time and the passion for SiN. Remember. This will become a quality Mod, and therefore i need people capable of making quality Levels, Textures, Weapon modelling, etc.

I hope some of you guys want to help me out. Together we can make this happen.

These are the people i need:

Level Designers, capable of making complex levels, with the original SiN level in mind, but with creative additions to the Level (Ref. Black Mesa Source)

Texture artists, capable of making high res textures (For now, we will use the textures provided in the SiN Episodes SDK)

Weapon Modellers, capable of making high quality models of the Original SiN weapons (Except the Assault Rifle, The magnum and the Shotgun)

Prop Modellers, capable of making high quality models of the Original SiN elements( For now we will use the original Sin Episodes Props)

Programmer, who can put all the maps, guns, etc into one working package, and make a website for the mod.

Artist, who can make a cool looking menu, the Hud, and general Gui.

I hope you guys want to help me out here.
I my self have already startet on the level designs
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