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Red face Re: SiN: Source

Are you still trying to make this "re-release" i am totally interested i had the same idea myself and came on here to see if anybody else shared my visions.

I have a lot of ideas on how this should be made.
A few thoughts i have:

.Use as many textures and models as possible from Emergence
.Create a few new textures for the existing models i.e. the grunts
.Use as many sounds from emergence as possible and also use ones from the original sin game (i.e comms between blade + jc and grunt/jump/and blades rants sounds)
.recreate the original sin music to give the same old effect only with a sense of newness
.Only a few models will be needed - weapons/builders and the truck things you drive.
.Use Emergence HUD.

As you can see everything i have stated above is mainly in keeping with emergence. I feel this makes the game feel more "on par" with each other if you catch my drift. You will be able to play the remade sin and jump straight into emergence without it feeling like a whole new game. Of course there other ideas i have in mind but first things first get a website up and running with forums, project outline, recruitment application and FAQ.

I can also help with Level Making and Skinning (having created a few unreleased CSS maps/models but cba with uploading them :P)

P.S. by keeping things in keeping with emergence it makes it way more up to date though i do suppose you could remake the menu screen (though keep the music, i think it rocks)

Edit: If i can get some interest and perhaps a team of players i will be more than happy to lead; Design/create and pay for a website and already have my own ventrillo (makes communicating a damn sight easier).
If i can get just a few names of dedicated interest i will start making the above preparations. And i will be asking on valve forums aswell

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