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Default Re: SiN: Retribution - first screenshot

I started the story in September, but I've been working on the first map since November. This map is actually based on Sin Episodes for now so it can be played without changing any source code. The map will later be ported to the Source SDK for the actual game.

I've decided against any time pressure or release dates. I'm doing this mod if and when I have the time and want to spend it on Sin. For example, I stopped working on the map for weeks in December, but I continued shortly before Christmas.

It's too early to give a percentage since the lion's share is ahead of me. When this map is done it may or may not be released for fans to play; I don't want to release parts of this game since it won't be that long anyway and it will flow best when played in a whole. I know this means lots of waiting for players, especially when I start coding and modelling, the most time-consuming process. We'll see how it goes; I definitely don't want this mod to go down into the unknown because it took too long to release anything, I just can't say yet what will.

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