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Default Third Person Mod Problems

Hi there.
Few weeks ago I made some changes in Source code, using SSDK and made TPS variant of HL2, using HL1 code, fixed some errors, so it works for source, but was made for goldensrc...
After that I tried to convert SiN Ep models to Source engine 2007 I was so lucky to make them work:^) Now I can use Blade or Jessica models, that demands only on what code line I want to use characters\Blade or characters\Jessica in server's client.cpp and client's hl2_player.cpp:^)
But I have few problems...
I do not know, how to make my model walk (it always runs) - I already tried IN_RUN key... doesn't work, so doesn't walk:^)
I do not know, how to make leader_climb and use_something animations and put it to hl2_player.cpp code.
If somebody knows, how to do it, pliz help me.
P.S.: Sin Retribution on UT3 engine - it is cool!!!
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