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Default Re: Gmod Or Something Similar

Originally Posted by ViralHatred View Post

Game_over it is pants easy to get the Sin Episodes models from .gcf

1. Download GCFScape

2. Open sinepisodes models.gcf and extract models folder to garrysmod\garrysmod\

3. Open sinepisodes materials.gcf and extract the models folder to garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\


Not all models work because of their prop type, I could decompile and fix them all but that'd take ages and wouldn't be worth it. Others don't work because of their materials/effects.

However some materials don't like extracting, I'm trying to find a work around.
I attempted that a few times, though Gmod 10 apprently works in mysterious ways compared to Gmod9 which was easier to work with.

I personally only wanted the character model so that I could mess around and do spoofs of different movies particularily this scene right here:
John blade as Jack Black
JC as KG
and Victor and The Devil

It sounded quite fitting but I'll probably try that out with Team fortress models instead, since Ritual is too busy making 'The adventures of casual gaming: Mumbo Jumbo are Nazis - episode one'.
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