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Default Re: Hey, Ritualistic!

Originally Posted by Jin View Post
We all want a new episode, but its not going to happen i waited to long to see whats going to happen in episode 2.Just Like Duke Nukem Forever news today its is a Never :/!!
At this point, if it does happen, I'd like to see them just completely remake SiN 1 and Episodes. It feels like a total overhaul sometime in the future would be better than making sequel episodes to a game few except old school people have played.

When you look at the games today which mostly lack substance, creativity and are designed with nothing new in mind except to keep rehashing the same tired ideas just because people are afraid to try new and innovative ideas since it could mean damage to profits, I'm really really uncertain if a new SiN game would succeed. I certainly also don't want to see a SiN game made extremely mediocre and average like everything else. The original had a lot going for it and if a remake is done I hope they remember this.

In other words: Don't take a game like System Shock 2 and turn it into Bioshock. :P

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