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Default Elite Force II - Modifications

Community contributed contents are not supported by Ritual or Activision, use at own risk.

A Gate two Birds and the Beautiful Sky.
"A Gate, two Birds and the beautiful Sky" (GBS) is a modification for Ritual's Elite Force II. It adds an all new single player adventure to the game. The story centers around Illia Ericcson, a former agent of Section 31, the Federation's most secret intelligence agency. Illia's final mission proves to be her most dangerous one yet, as she faces impossible opposition in Romulan space.
Official website:
D O W N L A D Installer(win) | Zip-Archive Installer(win) | Zip-Archive Zip-Archive

HaZardModding Coop Script Mod
A Modification for the shooter Star Trek Elite Force II, allowing you to play the Campaign from the Single-Player Co-Operatively in Multi-Player together, with up to 8 Players in total.
Official website:
D O W N L A D Installer + Zip-Archive Installer (win) | Zip-Archive

INFO: How to Install Mods and Maps

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