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Default New EF2 Master Server - Multiplayer Problems?

The Elite Force II community is using a new Master server.
Since there is no official patch your game won't find any Server until the proper adjustments are made, this thread explains how to get your game to find servers again.

Alternatively you can download and use this TOOL to do the job for you.
  • Open the file simply named "hosts" in "C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc"
  • Make sure you use a Text editor like Notepad.exe to edit your hosts file. Wordpad, Word or Office won't work!
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your hosts file and add the following line:
  • Save the hosts file and reboot your Operating System.

MAC OS-X 10.2 and above

  • Access the TERMINAL
  • Browse the given directory using the command:
    cd /private/etc
  • Open the hosts file in the nano text editor and enter:
    sudo nano hosts
  • Scroll down to the bottom, add the following line:
  • Press Control and X and save the file with administrative privileges
  • Reboot your Operating System

Internet Servers and Linux Servers
  • Add the the following line to your server configuration-file(server.cfg):
    set sv_master2
  • Make sure the server loads this configuration-file each time on start-up
  • Quit and start the server again

Listen Servers
  • Enter the following command into your game console:
    seta sv_master2
  • HINT: You can use the middle mouse-button to paste text from the clipboard into the game
  • Quit the game and start it again

IN case the Elite Force II - Community Master Server is down use these IPs

Add them to your favourites in game. Click on "Specify Server" then enter the IP and Port, then click on Add to favourites.
  • HZM Coop by [SFU],, 29003
  • United Server [dM][SFU],, 29001
  • [SFI]EliteForce2,, 29253

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