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Default Re: SiN: Retribution - website open!

Hey guys,

I got a few of those messages you sent me. I usually respond to any mail I get, so if anyone did not get an answer, your message must have been filtered out or something. But I hear you.

The game is not dead. I simply had lots to do in the past couple of months and like I always said before, I'm doing this project whenever I have and want to have the time for it. I'm currently starting my studies again and my band and I are recording an album all by ourselves, so that has kept me busy and will so for a while. But like I explained in the website a week ago, I have neither abandoned the game nor do I want to stop. But it will take lots and lots of time!

I didn't update the website so long because I wanted to return with something to show you. But since that is still going to take a while, I hope you will keep waiting because I WILL finish the game or at least part of it eventually. I know that you can only take my word for it at the moment, but keep hanging on like I am.

By the way, the engine switch might not be final.

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