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Smile Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions

Just played Ep 1

Shame on me, i missed this one long ago for some personal reasons when it was released, but as a first day fan of No1 i had to order it, even knowing that there wont be an Ep 2..
Great done :-) I think most critics were already said in former posts, for me, it felt like the original game very much even a few disappointments like Blades missing funny one liners.
(I gues ritual would have fixed some of the issues in later episodes)
Well seeing some Sin game with Blade Elexis and JC was just so great after so many years, now i play the first one again, just great all those interactive enviroments, recently only Duke Dukem 4 ever could compete, even it was much less interesting than the 2001 trailer that time showed us.
Dont know how come the francise had so less sucess, maybe the first one failed because of the presences of Half Live One that days back in 98. That time i just enjoid both titels not thinking about which one was better infact.Booth games had some athomsphere i miss in todays super polished games, maybe just the devs themslve stood behind it, today game making seems like industry work, one reason i didnt continue my artist career in a traditional game firm :-( Unfortunatly Sin allways stood in the shadows of HL, no matter it had more stuff (hackable computers and for todays standards very basic vehicles, and of course the sexiest female villain in games ever)
I hope one day Mumbo Jumbo will give the IP to some other developers to continue and keep the series alive for the next generation of gamers, (Of course very sad if the Levelord wouldnt be aboard anymore for some kick ass levels) Valve would be a great choice (Since i think they are the almost last company that didnt go 100% for commerce in this Industry , for example Portal was so refreshing aside the FPS but still beeing FP i just thought i was a MOD !! and not some commercial project), but seems like theres allways a dark shadow over this game series, so just forget about what i said..

Hope someone of former ritual stuff still reading here, great job on ep 1 nice bikini scene with elexis:-))
Definatly without playing Sin among some other games, i wouldnt do the things for a live that i now do.
I wish everyone who read here and supports ritual a good christmas and a happy new year!

This was a triumph! Im taking a note here, huge sucess! Itís hard to overstate my satisfaction. Sintek Corporation, we do what we must because we can..for the better good of all of us, expect the ones who are death..
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