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Default And he said \"let there be sin\" and there was.........

ok , i been trying to get a few of my friends to back me on this sin list on GSA .. i tried myself to get they to use Kamala's list , now im asking ALL of you , every last ex-sinner and current sinner , to reply here and help .. i cant remember what we did to get Heat to listen to us .. Wingz weren tyou the main factor there ? ... so [post ideas here , ill try to carry out any ideas that transpire .. prehaps we could make a forums and/or a long e-mail and send it to them PROVEING that people want that list . and even better would be to have heaters in there saying that they will spend time on heat preaching praises of GSA if they will add the server list , so that all the current sinners on heat will know before they close and we lose all the newbies/players, so come on , time is a against us .....
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