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Default Re: Memory - What do I need

I'd go to your local reseller - when you factor in the price of shipping, I don't think you'll save any money. I've had the generic PC100 10ns DIMM's that I bought from my reseller and had no problems whatsoever. Most of them are also now stocking PC133 for a slight premium - if you're investing in RAM, I'd get the PC133 as a bit of future-proofing. If you stick it into a system with a 100MHz FSB, the system will just clock the RAM down to the correct speed. I think the difference in price is just about $10 between the PC100 10 or 8ns and the PC133, which I think is clocked at 6 or 7 ns. Check around locally before you pay that $20 shipping charge for something that'll fit in an envelope ...

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