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Default Re: Memory question...

i run an aftermarket 256mb pc133 along with the stock 64mb pc100 and have zero problems.
it shouldn't make a difference anyway since your motherboard bus only runs at 100. having more capability in your memory won't matter at all.
to save your favorites...
i assume you're using a version of windows newer than 3.1 (haha).
go into your c:\windows directory, there will be a folder there entitiled "favorites" which contains all your bookmarks.
copy this folder to a floppy or zip or whatever, and after you clean install 98se just put that folder right back where it was.
where your emails are will depend on what email proggy you use???
try checking your documentation

i have experienced many many wipes and reinstalls
mebbe you shouldn't take my advice?
being a junior member is fun
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