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Default Re: Do you really need 128 of memory, is 64 at 100 mhz good enough

Get ALL the RAM you can get. I have 192 MB and it was the best performance investment I have made on my computer to date, bar none!!
And yes, it caches all of it. Rarely accesses my HDD. If you have Windows 98, go to System tools and get the system monitor up and running. You can configure it to show min cache, max cache, cache currently in use, free mem, mem in use, swap in use. Great for monitoring what's going on. I have mine minimized all the time so I can call it up when I want to see what's happening. The more memory you have, the more the CPU kicks butt! One more thing. No matter what you hear, don't mess with the Vcache settings. Let Windows do it (if you have 98}. I have tried setting the cache to say 48 megs max. When I do this I have more free memory but the swapfile is being accessed a lot. Now Windows 98 caches all 192 mb (if needed) and all my memory is being USED which translates to efficiency and speed.
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