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After passing through a bookshop the other day I saw sin sitting on the shelf for $17 NZD(about $8 US). I immmediately snatched it from its shelftop position and bought it.

I have played many first person shooters (they are my favourite genre). I have played
Half-Life, Half-Life OF,Tribes,Project IGI, Kingpin,Soldier of fortune, doom, quake 1,2 &3, unreal and UT, jedi knight 1 & 2, NFK 1 & 2, rainbow 6, swat 3, perfect dark, Turok 1,2 & 3,hexen,delta force 1 2 & 3 and many many more. I have to say of ALL these FPS's
SiN has probrobly impressed me the most.

First off- The game has nice visuals and the models are well animated. One thing that absolutely blew me away was the Model damage and the collision detection. The wounds on the enemies look wickedly cool and I was impressed with the multitude of death animations.

The sound of the game was a mixed bag. Some of the guns seem to have a similarity to faulty shaving devices and have no PUNCH whatsoever. The music was weird. Some of it sounded more like mild backround noises than music while some of the metal tunes were quite catchy. The voice acting of the game was acceptable, especially that of the bums and hostages who managed to crack me up with phrases such as WOOHOO IM SAVED and LEAVE ME ALONE.

Finally the gameplay of the game was superb,
Because of the freedom of the game and the lack of MISSION FAILURES, even though they are still possible, the game had a very doomy feel. But due to the realistic level design and the mission change system it also felt like Half- LIfe. Finally to add to the sack is a variety of mission objectives which make the game more interesting still. To top it Off theres a fully interactive environment with walls plastered with adult material to even further satisfy the player.

Overall you have a game not to be missed, for it is a SiN if you havnt played this game. I could easily say it is the BEST first person shooter I have ever played.
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