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Default Re: Is it possible to unfocus console?

Sorry I didn't see your post before. I guess I must have overlooked it, since I have been on vacation.

It is slightly irritating that the player becomes "bound" to the computer, thus making it difficult for the player to defend against attack. In Claudecs case, I suspect the player "using" the computer triggers the projectiles.

There IS a way to force the player to be unbound from the computer, just as if he pressed the "use" button. It is a simple one line command. In Claudecs case, he could use this command just before the projectiles are fired.

Here is a sample script to show how it works:

thread let_go_luke

*1 exitcon %con_computer
wait 5
goto let_go_luke

Exitcon is the only command you really need. This script will loop over and over every 5 seconds. So if you walk up to the %con_computer and use it, the computer will automatically "kick" you away in 5 seconds or less.

I say "5 seconds or less" because this runs on the internal game clock. Thus it is constantly "kicking" every five seconds. If you use the computer 0.5 seconds before it kicks again, you will get kicked off immediately.

Notice this works for the *1 player. This wouldn't work in a multiplayer setting, since it would only kick *1 (player 1) and not *2 *3 *4, etc. I suppose you could enter a line for each player:

*1 exitcon %con_computer
*2 exitcon %con_computer
*3 exitcon %con_computer

Thus kicking EVERYONE off %con_computer simultaneously, whether thy are using it or not.(it won't affect users of other computers). It would be much better to kick ONLY the person who used that computer, and I am sure there is a way to do it, I just haven't messed with it yet.

There is an "entercon" command also, but it seems to cause problems just like the "enter" command for vehicles (see post about vehicles for more info on this one).

Hope this helps.

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