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Default Re: Is it possible to unfocus console?

Hmm very interesting. It was to be in a DM map so I would need to kick every player off. I have seen the question of determining what player is interacting with something in MP touched upon before. So far it doesn't seem that anyone has figured that question out yet. Your solution of doing them all is a good work around though
Unfortunalty it has already been removed from the level and I am so close to release I don't want to make any major changes. However It is an idea that can be used in another level. If your interested here's the way it was supposed to work. On the console was the question "would you like to nuke somebody?" If they answered yes they were nuked (It said somebody never said who ha ha ha)and then using the stuffcmd command to isssue a "say" console command the player was made to say "Look at me. Look at me. I blew myself up. Look at me". If they answered no the the console message. It would change to "How about a rocket up the deriere then?" and a rocket was fired at thier deriere (ok i had it spelled right when I did it. no dictionary handy now). The the stuffcmd was used to cause the player to say "I love a hard rocket between my cheeks." Also while doing this I noticed that the player can't be hit directly when locked into the console. I was forced to shoot the rocket and the nuke at the wall below the console as the player can still recieve blast damage when locked into the console( I was using the camera trick where you have the console trigger a camera thats pointed at the console to make the console fill the players screen). This effect can also be observed if you try to shoot yourself with a guided missle (WOS) the missle will go right though you. Weird thing is I could swear that I have hit other players directly with the guided missle who were themselves driving guided missles and my guided missle exploded on their body. Oh well all I know is that there is funkyness with regards to players in a mode were they are looking through a camera (that's what the guided missle is right just a flying camera right?)
I appreciate your answer though it wasn't in time for Nukesville II, I do want to do my idea on another level. Also it would be cool to find out if there was a way to indentify the player who interacts with something. It would be even cooler if we could get at thier playername. I could see a console that addresses the player by name . Or a taunt billboard that taunts players by name - this could be done in CTF since we know the team names and we could have our billboard taunt the teams by name
Thanks for the help
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