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Default A question about VIS. times

I've searched the forum for the answer to this question, but there really wasn't a string that could.

First off I want to say I kind of realize how wide open spaces make vis. times longer, and have read the topic posted by claudec recently.

But my question is that I'm making an outdoor map with two buildings suspended on posts 512 units off of the ground, and when I compiled it with just the building, 8 posts, ground, and sky(the ground/sky burshes are probably 15 to 20 64x64 grid squares long and wide, and about 11 high), it only took about two hours. But when I added more posts(decorative cross beams) the vis. time shot through the roof (I mean I let it run for over 24 hous and it still wasn't done.)

So I was wondering:

1) the main posts are 15 sided solid brushes 512 units high and 64 in diamiter (the cross beams are about the same but only 32 units in diamiter, and slightly shorter.) Would decreasing the number of sided to 10 or so reduce vis time?

2) And do solid brushes take longer to vis than hollow ones? Basicaly if I hollowed the posts would my vis. time decrease?

I realize that shortening the posts would decrease time, but I'd really like to keepthem the hight they are at.

Ohh, and I forgot to mention the two rooms on the posts are 11L x 11W x 4hight (number indicate 64 x 64 grid units), with windows on all four sides.

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