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Default Re: A question about VIS. times

I have made a new observation with respect to all this. The level I mentioned in that other post (the 3 hour vis time post) was only half done at that time. It is a mirrored CTF level. The level has since been compleated structuraly which was nothing more than cloning what I had and turning it around to make the other. I started the first full vis of the structuraly compleated level last night at 3:25am as of 2:00pm today it has not comleated.

The interesting thing about this is that all I did was copy what I had in effect doubling what I already had yet the vis time more than doubled. This indicates that the relationship between increasing the number of brush surface and vis time is not linear it could be logarithmic (whatever it is mathematically its seems not to be linear)

Now of course someone who realy knew what they were doing would have to design a proper experiment to be sure. I am not quite sure what a fair experiment would be. I can't even 100% sure how tointerpret the results of my experience. However I though it was noteable enough to post here.

BTW the two areas are vis blocked from each other in case that might have anything to do with anything.

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