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Default Re: Hey guys wanna i make maps.. help ?

Hi. wow this is interesting, all of a sudden theres a bunch of new ppl ready to try mapping, thats cool, maybe we can breathe some new life into sin yet, if not in the general public at least in the mapping part of it.

Well as far as i know, i think everyone here uses Sined for mapping in sin, I do at least so thats all i could help u with. I posted some links to the sites you need to get started with Sined a while ago, maybe you could find it with the search feature, but the node is always a good place to start.

I wouldnt mind answering some of your questions through icq or working with you some, the only thing is if i answer your questions there, they wouldnt be posted here for the benefit of other ppl to learn from, but we could always post the problem and solution here for others to see. just promise me youll do a quick search through the forum here to make sure your not asking a comon question before pestering me :P anyway, heres my icq # for you or anyone else that needs some help 26092619
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