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Default Re: A question about design preferences...

Thanks guys for you input.

eutectic I totaly agree. The question was more of a curious one than anything. I wasn't planing on scraping any map because it didn't run right in SW mode (especially after spending over a week on it already )

I guess I was just wondering if lower end systems were ever really considered in game design, but I guess if I was a designer I'd rather push the envelope and make something that would make people want to upgrade instead of sacraficing.

ohh....a little off the subject:
I just finished my first console (just text based, not functional), and I have to say that...well first off The Node tut was great, and second, I'm glad my roomate had graphpaper or else I might have gone mad trying to alight the text the way I wanted it. VIVA LE GRAPH PAPER

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