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Default Re: 1st person Vs 3rd person

you actually can try out multiplayer in the game easily by enabling the console in the advanced section of the audio/video, then typing in "togglemenu leveldesign". there is a little blue checkbox in there to toggle 1st and 3rd. anyway, its difficult to control her in 1st. the movement of the model is way too unresponsive in first person, especially when jumping and the use of melee weapons in its also obviously harder to see when enemies are coming from the back or sides.

with autoaim enabled in multiplayer mode, it wouldnt be bad. just like mdk foo! fire and forget! and rahzahm, if you liked fakk2, then you really gotta check out drakan. you too foo. i dont mean to take away any of fakk2's thunder, but drakan was a beauty. its pretty much like fakk2, but its medeval. heretic 2 was also an excellent tomb raider killer which also allowed for mouselook in a 3rd person (which i think should be an option with all 3rd persons released on pc). messiah was another newer released one that wasnt TOO bad, but it locks up,and they screwed up the mouselook somehow. of course if you are a fan of the series, then by all means you have to play zelda 64 - ocarina of time. those are all 3rd persons of execeptional quality, like fakk2.

i think for all those except for zelda, there is a demo.

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