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Default Reviews for FAKK2 single player maps.

Hi guys, nice to see activity here for this really inspiring game. I've decided to start doing FAKK2 single player map reviews (amongst other games) at one of my sites: TEAMShambler FPS D&D .

My reviewing experience includes 100+ Quake single player reviews at TEAMShambler Quake Level Reviews , and 90+ Unreal single player reviews at Nali City . I usually focus on providing objective information about maps, but at TSFPSDD I'll also be including my personal opinion and suggested improvements for the mappers benefit (as you'll see from the Wheel of Time SP map review there).

So, email me and tell me when you've made a map, and time and inclination permitting, I'll get onto it.

Hi Bal, BTW =).

TSFPSDD will review Fakk2 single player maps.

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