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Default SiN Every Thing You Needed to Know About!

Where to Buy SiN

SiN on Ebay

SiN at

Another site selling Sin! Selling Sin....LOL that's funny

SiN on Yahoo Shopping

Activision I think, is also offering a Game bundle with SiN, Heretic and some other game. Starsiege or something like that.

SiN Walk-through

SiN Walk-Through on Gamespot

SiN Secrets

HardCorps Training Center


The HardCorps Training Center deserves it's own link

SiN Files

SiN files on

On 3D Downloads (Link from

SiN Editing and Mods

Rust, Great Site for Help on Sined

The Node, Awesome Site for SiN Editing and Mods

SiN Multiplayer Servers

Thanks to kAmALA

You can also use Gamespy 3d, (with few servers)

GameSpy Arcade, A few more servers but a pain in the A** with pop up adds

SiN Patch 1.11 with now has support for Internet Multi-Player SiN Servers


Well here are a few links I hope NEW SiNners will find useful.

Many people around this forum will give help with any questions you have.

Please, if anyone has good SiN links, feel free to post them here for anyone New to SiN!
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