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Default Suggestions

Hello. I've decided to post this thread to people can give REALISTIC ideas and suggestions for Ritual as they make the game.

I'll start:
- Use a similar model/skin system like that of Elite Force to improve compatability. There is quite a large modding community for EF1, and I'd hate to see all the work they've done lost completely.
- In addition to all the regular modes, maybe you could add a Co-op multiplayer, like in RTCW. A mod for EF has this and it is extremely popular, even though it isn't out yet.
- Before you make your own version of the Enterprise E, you should take a look at The Enterprise E Project. It has very promising screenshots.
- Would it be possible to have DM/TDM/CTF maps of the Defiant and/or Deep Space Nine? For reference, see the mod Balance of Power.
- Along with maps, how about including models and skins? Look for skinners called Toonloon, Worf55, The Prophet and Laz Rojas, who have pretty much skinned most of the characters out of the first four series.
- Is it possible, in any Expansion pack(s) you release, to include extra Single Player Storylines? Possibly on DS9/TOS/Enterprise.
- Again, in any XP(s)/online, could you provide us with modding materials, including tutorials?
- What helped to make EF1 enjoyable was the fact that you could play it from two perspectives. Would it be possible to reintroduce this by including AlexandRIA Munro?
- Building on this, after completion of the Single Player Storyline, it would be fun to have a bonus feature where you could play from several people's perspective.

These are strictly suggestions, but they would make my gameplay more enjoyable. Does anyone else have suggestions?

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