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Default Re: Just bought it but cant play it!

Originally Posted by s13n1
The DVD auto played, i simply installed from the menu.

If there was a special version of steam on the DVD that i was supposed to install, i knew nothing about it. Steam updates itself though right?

Anyway there is still nothing done to fix this problem, so i've posted this problem on the steam boards too. Dont mean to make a a big deal about it.. but hey, it is a big deal.

The game does look good though, i hope can play it soon.

I'm suprised my GF didnt take the game back when she seen the pic of Elexis on the back cover..
If you go to the Games menu in Steam and select "Activate a product over Steam," it will bring up a wizard that will ask you for your CD key.

Enter the CD key that came with your copy.

If it still does not work, let me know and I'll contact Valve on your behalf.

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