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Default Re: Gun Model Scaling


We got more of these giant posts going on here again. MadOnion said his part with a pube remark. Id say that’s pretty creative to find ways to use the word pubes in such a short post while also having it kind of make sense in a “hey I had to think about that for a second” kind of way. I’m glad that the new weapon models create pubes on your desk man. Ill quickly send a letter to all the people responsible for the weapons that bring pubes that much closer to your desk every day to let them know that one day a whole crotch might be found.


I am Glad that we have people who seem to know CS inside and out come here quite often. One of the main things about CS is the debate on whether or not it is falling behind the times visually. This debate seems to not only go in a circle it twirls around constantly and eventually fly’s away from reality.
Here is how it goes.

Group one always starts off the debate:
Counter strike is falling behind the times visually. Newer games are using newer engines that don’t suck and I feel that the graphics are important enough for me to move over to the newer game.
“How come this game has so many people playing it anyway? It looks so freaking old! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!!”
“I don’t understand it either. This game needs to DIE and it needs to DIE BADLY.”

(Now hold on for a minute here… I have seen people say this so often. But who is going to defend CS? No one group of people will ever defend CS it seems. The bottom line is the main people who post on these forums are the ones who do care and normally do upgrade their computers and even have jobs and are even found in at least one of the many mod communities out there. You have to be some what savvy to understand and thus you are able to play the newer games.)

Of course the vast majority of people who actually play the game because it runs on their computers and either don’t show don’t care or are unable to load web pages on their windows 95 install so old its with out explore on it don’t ever seem to post on the forums. Nor do they tend to give a damn 90 % of the time anyway.

So many people seem to miss the point though. The reason why CS is so big is that it delivers nearly all the stuff those other games deliver with the newer engines plus it actually RUNS. Its strongest point is its biggest weakness. I’m starting to wonder if CS will ever die. I bet it’s going to have players the next 4 years at least by the same 500k of people who never bothered to upgrade their systems.
Is it falling behind the times or merely, existing on the outer brink of the rat race to push the polygons and video cards to the next level. Maybe we should think of CS as one of the living examples that shows game play is always going to win over graphics.

Anyway sorry about that rant I think I got side tracked off of what you were talking about.
You know about all this stuff already I’m sure. I just felt like a good rant tonight.

As far as weapon scale and all that. I still feel that its far more important to make sure you can see what you are doing than to make the guns scale more realistic. thats just me.
As far as increasing the scale for guys running around.. I personaly dont like when I know a guy is standing in the next room because his weapon is clipping through the wall... Increasing the size of the weapons sounds cool but in practice simply creates more people seeing you through walls and stuff.
I like the scale the way it is personaly. The m4a1 is pretty large with the silencer on it but hey nothings perfect. *shrugs*
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